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Student Paper Competition 2016

Topic: BIBLICAL GENDER EQUALITY Your content should not exceed 3 pages Who is eligible to participate? Students from Seminaries, Colleges and Universities   Winners will be rewarded as follows: Best paper – Ksh.10,000, including several books First runners-up – Ksh.5,000 with books Second runners-up – Ksh.3,000

2016 International conference

Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) is pleased to announce its 2016 International conference in Kenya. EFOGE is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya working with Churches and communities East Africa on Gender Justice and Equality from a Biblical perspective.   Conference Theme: Truth Be Told: “Engaging Faith Leaders, Understanding the Bible for Justice &Equality”…

Justice and Empowerment for Women is Justice and Empowerment for Men too
Supporting dialogue

You will agree with me that Patriarchy is an enemy of all! It is the source of all evil and generates seeds of violence against women and girls across many communities around the world. It makes innocent children suffer from what they don’t understand. Patriarchy is like a hidden cancer that continues to kill and…

2015 End Year Report on Gender Equality
2015 End Year Report on Gender Equality

Merry Christmas!   I share this with you because I believe, You and I share a common belief – Belief that Women and Girls deserves equal rights and justice.   Throughout 2015, we have been in the fore-front in the battle-field fighting against Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Sub Saharan Africa through equipping and…

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