Year End Report

As 2016 comes to a close, we at EFOGE are so thankful for all of the lives you have helped us impact! Because of you, thousands of Christian leaders were trained in Bible based equality for women and in specific tactics for ending the evils of patriarchy.Here are some of the victories we had in 2016 and the opportunities for joining us again in 2017.

Please consider making a year-end gift to EFOGE  or becoming a regular monthly donor to continue this important work. Donate through the Global Horizons website to receive a tax-deductible receipt. Simply enter your amount next to EFOGE in the Children and Youth section.

Training and Conferences – This year EFOGE hosted an international conference, a discipleship class on domestic violence, a workshop on female genital mutilation, and a training on ending gender based violence in conflict zones. EFOGE also published a manual for Christian leaders on the biblical foundations for ending gender based violence. Plans are already underway for another international conference in 2017 as well as continued training sessions! The approximate cost for these conferences is $18,000 or about $120 for each of the 150 participants. Support one of these participants today!

School Fees – In 2016, fifteen females were able to attend school because of EFOGE’s support! In 2017, we hope to provide school fees for 20 female students. Will you help us? Each student will need about $550 for tuition and boarding for one year. Become a monthly donor to support a student.

Feminine Hygiene Products – This year, EFOGE provided 3,800 menstrual products to girls’ schools in Bondo, Kenya! Help us do this again next year. The total we hope to raise is $6,000  to provide 3,000 hygiene products – enough for 1,000 female students! It only costs $6 to give a female student menstrual hygiene products for a fill year. Donate now.<

Finishing touches for EFOGE building – We are nearly finished with our EFOGE office building/living space! I am currently living here with my family, which is already saving us money on rent costs. When this building is completed, it will be a source of income for EFOGE since we will rent out some of the office space. Please help us finish this project. We need $8,000 for the remaining touches.

Administrative Costs – EFOGE’s greatest asset and also largest expense is the cost of salaries, office maintenance, and other administrative details. This is what keeps EFOGE’s ministry functioning, and each year we need about $15,000 to keep our office running. Please become a monthly donor to sustain our ministry!<