a) Background Information

In the year 2013, the idea for a sustainable building  project to support and sustain the work of Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) was initiated by the Reverend Domnic Misolo, under mentorship and coaching of Sean Callaghan of Tearfund UK through Inspired Individuals Program. The Reverend Misolo was a beneficiary of the same program as an inpired individual for the work of EFOGE as its founder and social innovation on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

EFOGE board of management then approaved and adopted the idea for sustainability. By then and due to his passion to serve and empower women, the Reverend Domnic Misolo resigned from full time Church ministry in order to focuss fully on EFOGE ministry. Through this project, EFOGE board of management found it most reliable and appropriate for administrative support and to sustain staff and other projects more reliably without complete dependence on  external  grants and support.



(Front View: Two lower spaces are already completed and Rev. Misolo and family are already using one)


b) The Scale, Purpose & Sustainability of the Project:

This building project will comprise of five spaces;

i) Office space where all EFOGE programs and activities in Kenya and East Africa will be planned and coordinated. This office will also include meeting rooms and safe place where women/girls that have been sexually abused (rape and sexual violence victims) can report abuse and get immediate assistance and psychosocial support.

Benefit: EFOGE will save about $200 monthly for renting office space.

ii) Family space where the Reverend Domnic Misolo and his family will stay as they plan and execute EFOGE programs across East Africa.

Benefit: EFOGE will save about $280 monthly for renting family space for Domnic, executive director.

ii) Three rental spaces/units that would generate income to fund EFOGE efforts. It’s is estimated that these rental units will generate about $600 per month upon its completion and about $ 9,000 annually for sustainability.

Benefit: EFOGE will get additional $9,000 annually for EFOGE projects.



(Side View: Side view of the building including office space in the lower part and two rental spaces above)

c) Long term Goals and Vision of the Project.

Through this building project, we envision to stop root causes of Violence Against Women in the church, home and society. Our work target to transform;

i) Cultural orientations and practices in the Africa that oppresses and devalues females based on gender including female genital mutilation/cutting, polygamous marriages, early and force marriages of underage girls among other vices .

ii) Biblical misinterpretations and religious beliefs that justify patriarchy/male dominance as God’s ideal and breads devaluation of females, domestic violence, sexual violence, lack of women leadership in churches among others.

iii) Political systems that isolate women from full participation in the democratic process, leadership and decision making process just because women are females.


d)  Current state of affairs, the gap and the next plan of Action.

As at now, all structural work are completed including walling and roofing.  The building is now safe from heavy rains and hot spells. Also, we are also done with fine finishes of two lower spaces of which one space is already occupied by the reverend Domnic Misolo and his family. This is now saving EFOGE from paying $280 monthly rate for renting a family house for the CEO. The remaining three spaces to be completed includes; office space, and two upper spaces.

While, the initial budget for the structural work was estimated at $51,000, the actual cost turned out to be beyond that quotation. As at now, this project has utilized over $82,000 including finishes for the two lower spaces between 2015 to date. These funds were contributed by EFOGE partners and friends including; Imago Dei Fund, African Road, CBE International, EFOGE friends/donors through Global Horizon Inc. online donations, Episcopal Diocese of Iowa, and EFOGE Board of Management.

In order to complete the remaining three spaces (office space and two upper spaces), we need $15,735. This amount of money will go towards;

i) Wooden frames and doors, & Plastering  –   $2,716

ii) Plumbing work and water system  –  $3,320 (for the whole building)

iii) Steel work (grills and metal windows and doors)  –  $1,565

iv) Floor tiling  –  $2,614

v) Painting   –   $1,291

vi) Gate fixing and ceiling board  –  $ 2,480.

vii) Electric/power installation – $1,749

Total  – $15,735



(Part of lower space currently occupied by the Rev. Misolos family)


e) Immediate Plan.

We need/plan to raise $3,500 between May – June this year (2017) to complete office space so that we may stop paying $200 monthly office rent. The remaining $12,235 will be raised between July – December 2017.