2018 Mid-Year Report

a) Completion of EFOGE Building Project


EFOGE Building Project is now completed and already some tenants are in.  This building project comprise of office space where all project activities in Kenya and East Africa will be coordinated, meeting and counseling safe space for abused women/girls,  family space for Reverend Domnic who is the CEO, and other three rental units that would generate income to support EFOGE work on gender equality and women empowerment. Now, it’s is estimated that the four rental units will generate $ 750 per month when fully occupied and $ 9,000 annually. Please, thank you so much for your great support.

b) Germany, Berlin Trip.

On March 6th, the Sector Programme Values, Religion and Development hosted an event in collaboration with GIZ Principal Gender Officer Angela Langenkamp and the GIZ Representation on the role of religion for gender equality in the context of international cooperation on the occasion of GIZ’s Gender Week. More than 45 practitioners and academics gathered in GIZ’s Berlin representation to debate how and to which extent religious actors can promote gender equality and women’s rights to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Reverend Domnic Misolo, Founder of ‘Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education’ gave a personal account of how he grew up in a society in which women and girls are frequently without rights. He explained how his feminist reading of the bible showed him that the holy scripture does not allow for any kind of discrimination. Subsequently, he challenged and changed his church’s own teachings, encouraging ordination of women as priests. He narrated how he not only started community programmes for girls’ education, but also how his own “traditional” family changed to be a home of equality, when his wife went on to become a teacher next to being a mother.

c) Leadership Training with Mothers Union and Mens Association.


Through Still Side By Side (CBE’s curriculum), EFOGE engaged and trained 30 top leaders as ToTs within Mothers Union Movement and Fathers Association in the Anglican Diocese of Bondo on leadership, gender equality and parenthood. Leaders got the opportunity to discuss and learned more about causes and effects of family and intimate partner violence and how faith community can help end rampant cases of violence against women and girls.

Participants were engaged to reflect the effects of family violence on women and children in their upbringing. Studies reveal that, children that always witness and experience domestic/family violence grow violent and turn to be abusers in their later age and family. During this workshop, leaders discussed ways in which family violence could be eradicated, shared leadership for women and men, negative masculinity and how leaders can be change agents and ambassadors of peace, justice and gender reconciliation

d) Upcoming Event and Support for Female Students.

As its main project for 2018, EFOGE is planning and hosting international faith leaders conference organized in partnership with Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) International, in Kampala, Uganda. Conference theme is Faith and Gender: Equality for Women and Men in the Home and Society. This event invite honest conversation, cultivation of best practices and dialogue about gender equality based on Biblical principles and how it affects human relationship especially equality for men and women in the Church, Home and Society. EFOGE expect 150 delegates from around the world.

The venue is African Village Hotel situated within Vision for Africa International University, in Kampala Uganda, off Mukono Road, August 23rd-25th. Several local clergy are requesting for support $200 to enable them attend this important event. You can support one clergy to be empowered as change agent for gender equality.

For more information about this up-coming conference, Click here

EFOGE is currently supporting needy and vulnerable female students in schools. We have 15 students enrolled in different schools but the scholarship funds ran out and five of our girls are out of classes at the risk of dropping out of school. With $550, you can support full year’s fees for one student.

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