2019 International Conference

Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) in partnership with Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) presents 2019 international conference in Kigali, Rwanda on the theme:

Man and Woman, One in Christ: Engaging Faith Narratives for Justice and Equality.

Dates: August 21- 23, 2019.

In Africa, it is estimated that about 85% of the population identify as members of a religious or spiritual group. Religion exerts a tremendous influence on women and men’s identity, behavior, and beliefs.  Some faith institutions still regard women as inferior to men both in church, community and family leadership. It is a fact that most popular faith groups around the world are often rooted in patriarchal traditions which always deny and isolate females from leadership and in decision-making process. In this way, faith groups contribute in the devaluation, abuse and oppression of the female human agency. However, the same faith groups have the key and potential to defeat patriarchy and release women and girls from the bondage of gender-based violence. Churches  and faith groups in the African context are also among the powerful agents of social change and can be used for justice and equality.

During our annual events, we mobilize the faith community, especially top leadership within Africa and beyond, for constructive dialogue on the role of faith actors in ending violence against women and girls. When faith actors teach, model and normalize male-rule as God’s ideal—we fuel a powerful patriarchal trajectory that places girls and women at risk for abuse.

Join us in Kigali, Rwanda for this great conversation and action from a faith perspective in ending sexual and gender based violence.

Stay in touch for more information regarding: registration, speakers, venue, and more due soon.