Our history

Rev. Domnic Misolo
Rev. Domnic Omolo Misolo
Executive Director

The roots of Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE) stretch back to 2009 when the idea of Equality was revealed to the Reverend Domnic Misolo, a young Anglican priest from Kenya after reading academic journals, during his theological study at St. Paul’s University in Kenya. These journals completely changed his worldview on gender equality, the bible and women, and the role of the church in advancing justice and equality.

In 2013 through its Board of Management, EFOGE was registered in Kenya as a Non-profit organization to address gender-gaps in the African context, and to challenge structures and systems of patriarchy, poverty and attitudes in the church and society which fuels violence against women and girls

Since then, the EFOGE massage and ministry on equality and gender based violence has been spreading widely in Kenya and Africa with annual conferences, training and as more avenues for dialogue and advocacy with churches and faith leaders arises. The Reverend Misolo, who asked to be relieved by the bishop from full time responsibility as a parish priest, has dedicated his life and ministry to empower communities and churches in Africa with Biblical knowledge on gender justice and equality.

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