EFOGE is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya with Board of Management/Director as a top/supreme decision making organ. The Board of management/directors is composed of nine members with strong democratic structure, broad-based membership with gender balance, age dimension proportionality, disability and vulnerability in consideration; clearly defined roles and responsibilities as stated in the EFOGE constitution.

As stipulated in the EFOGE constitution, the Board of management/Directors is elected after every three years and exercises the ultimate authority in the management of the organization in line with its vision, mission and core values. The supreme decision making organ of EFOGE is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board is the policy making organ, provides guidance, supervise and give direction to the organization.

EFOGE staff/volunteers are recruited by the Board of Directors and are responsible for execution of programs, day to day running of activities, prudent use of resources (human, financial and material/assets), and ensuring that an enabling environment for effective implementation of programs and activities exists.