Who we are

We are Christians who believe in equality and justice for both males and females. Because of patriarchy (male dominance culture), women and girls are always perceived and treated as lesser human beings. Ideas have consequences, the way we perceive others is likely the way we are driven to treat them. Many women and girls around the world are deeply under abject poverty, oppression, and are being violated because they are perceived as inferior and lesser human beings. This patriarchal worldview is being perpetuated by Cultural and Religious beliefs that teaches and justifies male dominance as the Norm and God’s ideal for human beings. This belief system negatively impact human dignity, relationships, identity, and influence our society in a negative way, both in politics, education, and economics, to isolate women from leadership, resource mobilization/ownership, power, and decision making both in the family and in the wider society


Our Vision:

We envision a JUST and a PEACEFUL society devoid of SEXUAL & GENDER BASED VIOLENCE. We remain committed and focused in our belief that Men and Women, Boys and Girls are Equal and reflect perfect image of God


Mission Statement:

We are committed to seeing transformed communities through healthy and restored relationships between men, women, boys and girls and ensuring equal value, participation and decision making by all regardless of gender.